Tech Startups

The firm’s attorneys have assisted countless new and young tech startups, advising on both legal and practical operations issues. We start by evaluating a client’s venture and provides guidance on the best vehicle to structure a new company. After formation, we assist with all legal aspects of developing and growing a business, including drafting and negotiating contracts, employment issues, protecting intellectual property, and pursuing and defending litigation in both state and federal court.

A crucial to any tech startup is its intellectual property, ranging from trademarks and trade dress to patents and trade secrets. We will guide you through the various different ways to protect, leverage, and monetize your intellectual property.

Funding and growth strategies are also vital to the success of any tech startup. Not only are we well versed in the legal challenges you may face, but we also have years of experience counseling clients on business decisions, deal structures, and fundraising strategies.

For more information on how we can help, please contact Michael Anthony or Drew Stevens at (614) 340-0011.