Shawn Khemsurov – Co-Founder at Electric Eye Agency

The Anthony Law team is detail oriented, professional, and communicative. Our agency has relied on them for legal documents and they have greatly surpassed our expectations. Would recommend them for your legal needs. Scott Brown in particular is easy to work with and has given us confidence to push our business forward.

Ben Powers

Very knowledgeable and willing to work for your needs! I have worked with Ben MacDowell at Anthony Law and have had a superior experience. Ben is timely in his responses and very detailed in his work. Michael Anthony is top notch and is very approachable. Honesty and transparency is regular here. The whole firm works together to fill you needs and I have had nothing but good experiences so far!

Patrick Shea

A trusted business partner. Kelly, Mike, Vince, and Andrew are wonderful to work with, responsive when I need them and among the most pragmatic people I have had the pleasure to work with. They always give me sound advice and help protect my interests. No one wants to call an attorney, but when you do need one, Anthony Law are the people to call.

Ryan Heenan

Working with Scott Brown at Anthony Law has been an easy experience from the start. He is very responsive, knowledgeable and works hard to make sure he understands all the ins and outs of your business from the start. From IP to contracts to documents to trademarks, Scott is always a true professional.

Phillip Louden

My start-up consultation company was in need of some contracts for work with clients that involved intellectual property usage along with other contract language. Scott Brown was very helpful in the develop of this contract and took time to explain and answer any questions about the document.

How good was his work? When an issue came up with one of our clients that required clarification, our contract spelled out exactly what we needed and the dispute was resolved without additional legal services required.

I would without reservation recommend his work to any small business looking for legal assistance.

Phil Louden
President, TCG and Associates


The firm represents our business and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend them. Thanks for all of your detailed work.